Jaisalmer-First Trip to the Land of Kings: Part-1

Let me introduce you to the ‘Land of Kings-Rajasthan’. This state is well famous for beautiful palaces, lakes, ancient arts, culture, and remnants of forts and palaces. The state is located in a north-western region of India. Personally, this state is my dream state to explore ever since my childhood days. I always get fascinated… Continue reading

International Kite Festival: Uttarayan 2019 Gujarat

Ever since our childhood days, we are big fans of kite flying on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan which usually celebrated every year on 13-14th of January. Yesterday we remembered the days of flying kites high up in the sky. This day is always celebrated with full swing. Kids like us in those days eagerly waited for the day and woke up early in the morning which they used to avoid in normal days.

Budget holidays beyond India

If you are a budget conscious traveler, there are few tried and tested ways to make sure you get worth of every penny you spend in a foreign land. In every destination, one of the ways to assure you experience a reasonably affordable holiday is by trying to stretch your money. Opting for homestays and vacation rentals are a great way to save your money. These would also give you the opportunity to mingle with local people and get an insight into their cultural aspect and lifestyle. Other two ways that help a lot in effective cost-cutting is traveling on public transport and eating as the locals do. A little bit of research on where to go and what to do for budget-conscious travelers in a particular destination is all you need to do to make your travel dreams into reality in a cost-effective way.

Diu Island: A Former Portuguese Colony in Gujarat

Diu Island: A Photo Story Diu Island is a former Portuguese colony but still, it has the influence of Portuguese culture depicted from the houses, churches and the streets. It is located at off the Southern coast of Gujarat’s Kathiawar peninsula. An isolated Island from the mainland, connected by the bridges though, brings an extra… Continue reading

Narkanda- Beyond the veil of crowded Shimla

  Narkanda- Beyond the veil of crowded Shimla   We had gone several times to Shimla but felt like something was lacking in this famous touristy place. It has become crowded beyond its carrying capacity. We always feel that the human is so destructive towards nature. Seriously, we never wanted such a beautiful place to… Continue reading

Nine Adventure Experiences in India

Nine Adventure Experiences in India What does it feels like hearing about adventurous sports?? Honestly, give excitement at the moment. But what if when you yourself experience the thrill of adventure?? GOOSEBUMP!!  HEART RACING!! ADRENALINE RUSH!! So many expressions to express…Yeah, absolutely! 🙂 Let’s relive the adventure with real-time experiences. Here are nine personal adventure… Continue reading

Go Fly High…@Bir-Billing Paragliding!!

  Bir-Billing-Baijnath: Monastery|Paragliding|Ancient Temple   Here comes the post of our beautiful Himachal Pradesh with wonderful surprises. This experience is among one of the beautiful regions of Himachal Pradesh, India i.e. The three Big B’s: Bir-Billing-Baijnath.   View of Bir from Billing (H.P) INDIA   How we managed for the Greatest Adventure? It was a… Continue reading

Liebster Award 2018 Nomination

Liebster Award 2018 Nomination   One wonderful morning, we got a message from one of our favorite travel bloggers. It was for Traxplorers to be nominated for Liebster Award 2018. It was totally unexpected and beyond our imagination and of course our first formal recognition in the blogging community. It was really a Good Morning for… Continue reading

When the Himalayas call… Spiti Soul Searching!!

  When the Himalayas call… Spiti Soul Searching!!   Pretext:   It all started with a phone call in the middle of the night. ‘I am going to Spiti, he said and would be in Chandigarh waiting for you if you care to join. It has to be tomorrow evening, no delays.’ You see, one… Continue reading

How to manage time for traveling whilst working?

  How to manage time for traveling whilst working?   As we are family travelers plus working but still manage to quench our thirst for wanderlust. People keep on asking how you manage your time for traveling whilst working. So, we thought to provide some answers for our readers who are wishful travelers. Here are… Continue reading