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“Manali (Part-2): Hampta Pass Trek”


We explored ‘Gulaba, ‘Solang Valley, ‘Ancient Temples in old Manali and Mall Road in the heart of Manali on the first day of our trip. For ‘Day 1: 13th April 2016’ experience read our previous post ‘Manali (Part-1): Complete Package for Travel Explorers’

Next, time to get some adventure so we planned a trek to ‘Hampta Pass’. We were totally excited as this would be our first trekking experience with our toddler.


Sprouting Flowers at Hampta Pass trek, Manali (H.P)
Sprouting Flowers at Hampta Pass trek


Day 2: 14th April 2016

For the second day, our guide & driver was Mr Rajesh. Again we got the best choice as he was well behaved and extremely helpful.


  • Hampta Pass Trek:

Hampta Pass got its name from Hampta village. This trek is used by shepherds and villagers to reach Lahaul Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh. The trek is also known as beginners trek as it is easiest among all the treks of Himachal Pradesh. The whole trek takes five days to complete from ‘Manali to Chandrataal Lake’.


Grade:  Easy to Moderate

Trekking Distance: Approx. 26 km.

Highest Altitude: 14,100 Ft.


With Mr Rajesh (our guide cum driver) at Hampta PassTrek at Manali (H.P)
With Mr. Rajesh (our guide cum driver) at Hampta PassTrek


Complete Itinerary for the Trek:

Day 1: Manali to Chikka

Day 2: Chikka to Balu ka Ghera

Day 3: Balu Ka Ghera to Siagoru

Day 4: Siagoru to Chatru. Then to Chandrataal

Day 5: Chandrataal to Manali


Best Time to visit:

May-June and September-October


Hampta Pass Legend

 The trek is also known as ‘Stairway to Heaven’. According to Hindu Epic ‘Mahabharta’, Pandavas traversed through this path while on their way to heaven. It was Chandrataal where ‘Yudhishtra’ the eldest brother of Pandavas, was taken to heaven in his mortal form.


What to know before?

Here is the thing to keep in your minds; trek to Hampta Pass is not open for everyone. You need to get permission at least one day prior as the route involves ‘Allain  Duhanga Hydropower Project’. You cannot drive your own vehicle. The permit is required and that is also given to four-wheelers. We were lucky enough to have a local cab driver who had no problem in getting permission in time.


How did we reach?

Mr Rajesh (our cab driver) took us to ‘Jobra village’ which took around 1-2 hours from Manali. The place was beautiful but the road was terrible and there were many sharp and steep turns. We came across 40 such stomach-churning sharp turns. But the view of Manali from that height was beautiful. From Jobra, we left the cab and started the trek.


Into the Wilderness at Hampta Pass Trek (Manali)
Into the Wilderness at Hampta Pass Trek


Our Trekking Experience

The Hampta Pass trek can be considered as easy and convenient trek among all the treks of Himachal Pradesh but one can surely be mesmerized by the tremendous variations along the trail. The trek is full of picturesque landscapes, beautiful valleys, open green meadows, glaciers, rocks, and rivers.


“Full trek takes 5 days to complete up to ‘Chandratal’. We did one day trek as we were carrying our baby (Karen) with us.”


Daddy and Daughter Trekking Together at Hampta Pass Trek (Manali) H.P
Daddy and Daughter Trekking Together at Hampta Pass Trek (Manali)

One Day Trekking Itinerary


  • Manali to Jobra:

    One can start from Manali to Jobra village via cab. Manali is at 6726 ft. above sea level. Jobra is at an altitude of 9800 ft. It was the generosity of our cab driver cum guide, Mr Rajesh, that he came along with us and guided us through the trek.


  • Jobra to Pandu Ropa:

    After covering some distance across the main road we came across a pine forest which also consists of deodar, maple, and oak. The drive was quite refreshing and after an hour we reached a site known as ‘Pandu Ropa’. According to Hindu epic, here Pandavas cultivated rice fields during their exile period.

  • 'Pandu Ropa' where Pandavas did cultivation at Manali Hampta Pass Trek (H.P)
    ‘Pandu Ropa’ where Pandavas did cultivation at Manali Hampta Pass Trek

    Meadows at Hampta Pass Trek (Manali)
    Grazing sheep at meadows giving a beautiful scenic view




  • Up trek to Chikka:

    After covering distance for about 20-30 minutes, we were amid beautiful lush green alpine meadows. There were sheep grazing in the field and the whole scene looked very amazing. After spending a couple of minutes we started the trek once again. After covering a gradual up trek and slight descent to the point known as ‘Chikka’. Chikka is the campsite for the first day of this trek. A river named ‘Rani River’ flowing in the middle which makes this place perfect for camping.


  • 'Rani River' at Hampta Pass Trek (Manali), H.P
    Traxplorers crossing ‘Rani River’ at Hampta Pass Trek




  • Glacier Valley:

    After crossing the river we reached glacier valley. This was the only place we found scattered patches of snow during April, a moment of happiness for us. We spent some time there capturing the beauty of the valley and of course played with snowballs with our baby ‘Karen’. She also enjoyed a lot and trekked some path by herself too. In front of our eyes, we could see ‘Indrasan’ as told by our guide. After spending some quality time in natural wonders of the Great Himalayas in the south-east of Manali, we headed back. It took around 4-5 hours for this trek. We wish to complete the whole five-day trek of Hampta Pass in future when our kid would lead us.



    Karen on Glacier, enjoying snow at Hampt Pass Trek (Manali)
    Karen on Glacier, enjoying snow 🙂


    'Indrasan' at Hampta Pass Trek (Manali), H.P
    Distant view of ‘Indrasan’ at Hampta Pass Trek


This was the only place where we found snow. The previous day, we went to Gulaba but hardly found any snow. We could not make to Rohtang Pass as it was closed. Wish to go there some other time in future for sure.


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Tips for Explorers:

  • Get prior permission for the trek and hire a local cab from Manali.
  • Take a guide, as the trek is long.
  • At snow points, one can get synthetic overall on rent but carry enough woollen clothes for children.
  • Keep plenty of drinking water.
  • Acclimatize yourself first with the high altitude by staying in Manali before trekking for at least one day.


There are other beautiful destinations you want to explore and get the best deals for a stay in Manali. Just check out the things one can do in Manali.


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Glacier Valley at Hampta Pass (Manali) H.P
Me with my toddler (Karen) at Glacier Valley


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  1. You don’t see many families doing such a trek with a young one like yours, you really are inspiring! She looks like she enjoyed it too.

  2. Such great advice to plan ahead and get a great guide like yours. And serious kudos to you guys for trekking with toddler. I doubt I could do this alone let alone with a child. Thanks for a great share.

  3. I am always up for trekking. Hampta pass trekking is looking great. Your itinerary is very interesting and I would love to do this trek some day 🙂

  4. Nice! India is in my bucket list and I love hiking and trekking so this would be a perfect destination for me. I will research more and definitely keep this article as reference.

  5. Your description of the mountains is very detailed and I absolutely adore your pictures! I wish I could do something like this, but I fear that I am too unfit 😛

  6. First of all, hats off to you that you covered it with the toddler…just shows your passion. Looks like you sure enjoyed it. The photos are amazing! What camera did you use? Yeah, I was looking for your recommendation of altitude sickness…an yes, you did recommend to acclimatize by staying a day in Manali. Don’t know when I would visit Himachal Pradesh, but I will! Thanks for sharing this. And of course I will share it too.

    1. Thanks, Amitabha. Yes, we love mountains and truly passionate about them. Maybe that is the force which drives us to do the things and we enjoyed every bit of such journies. We used Nikon 3200 for photography. Thanks a lot for all appreciation and I am very much glad that you liked this post. 🙂

  7. This was a wonderfully written post with helpful tips! Your photos are stunning! Thank you for sharing! Cheers 🥂

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