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Welcome to the blogging site of Family Travelers and Explorers (TRAXPLORERS). We are a family of avid travelers and explorers, on a journey inspired by the wanderlust of globetrotters worldwide. Our vlog is dedicated to sharing our most remarkable travel & adventure experiences, all while embarking on these incredible journeys with our cherished daughter. Our passion for travel is a constant source of motivation, driving us to uncover the hidden gems of our planet. Our mission is to ignite the travel spark within families who may have hesitated to embark on adventures with their kids. We firmly believe that traveling is a potent source of inspiration for kids, enabling them to discover the wonders of this beautiful world firsthand. Through our adventures, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of our world, its diverse cultures & breathtaking landscapes. Join us as we traverse the unexplored wonders of India, delving into its rich tapestry of travel experiences & cultural events. Explore the uncharted with us & let the beauty of India captivate your soul.

Moreover, the most important thing is – that traveling improves FAMILY BONDING which ultimately helps in building a GREAT TEAM.

We are sharing our first-hand experiences of:

  • Traveling through various different parts of India.
  • Epic & adventurous road trips
  • Exploring various heritage sites.
  • Learning about different cultures.
  • Visiting places of historical importance.
  • Exploring the unexplored regions. (Off-the-Beaten Track).
  • Budget Backpacking Trips.
  • Doing various adventurous activities. (Trekking/Hiking/Zip Lining/Paragliding etc.)

Let’s SHARE & INSPIRE others!

Who we are?

Thinking about the past, long before I met the love of my life and presently my dear husband (Aditya), I was studying religiously to get high scores so that I would do something with my career. I always hated the idea of being a homemaker. I wanted to be a career-oriented woman. And of course, I did work hard to achieve that too. I did my graduation and post-graduation in Life Sciences. During this period I met my husband pursuing his research career. As I drifted towards him, soon we got married in May 2013 and I also started pursuing a research career. In between, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl “Karen” in December 2014.

So, we are now a beautiful family of three. Three like the shape of a triangle, the world’s strongest shape. Although we are research research-oriented couple inside us, there is a wanderer who needs to quench the thirst of wanderlust. Adi and I, both have itchy feet. We are always looking for a chance, whether it is for a day, a weekend or a week off to travel someplace new.

This is how we landed on two platforms-

Research and Travel.

Aditya, Karen,and Supriya @traxplorers
Aditya, Karen, and Supriya (TRAXPLORERS)

‘KAREN’- Our Inspiration

‘SUPRIYA’-  Trip planning, Story, Writing, and Website Maintenance

‘ADITYA’- Driving, Photography & Videography, and Final Editing

To know more about our work visit GliaBoffin and for travels read our Blog.

Gadgets We Use:

  • DSLR-NIKON 3200
  • GoPro– HERO5
  • ActionPro


Grand i10

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