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Jodhpur: The Blue City Things & Places not to miss. Get in touch with Royal History & Adventure at one place. #traxplorers #jodhpur #rajasthan #bluecity @traxplorers.com
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Jodhpur: How to Tryst Royalty with Spice of Adventure!

Jodhpur- The Blue City of Rajasthan During festive season in India, we get holidays and sometime these become long weekend break. That is the time which we grab as an opportunity to widen our wings to fly away from the work place. Our visit to Blue city – Jodhpur of Rajasthan is among one of […]

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Nine Adventure Experiences in India

Nine Adventure sports in India: Real-Time Experiences What does it feels like hearing about adventurous sports?? Honestly, give excitement at the moment. But what if when you yourself experience the thrill of adventure?? GOOSEBUMP!!  HEART RACING!! ADRENALINE RUSH!! So many expressions to express…Yeah, absolutely! 🙂 Let’s relive the adventure with real-time experiences. Here are nine […]

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