TRAXPLORERS (Travellers & Explorers)



Welcome to the blogging site of Family Travellers and Explorers (TRAXPLORERS). This blog is greatly influenced by all-time travelling people around the world. We offer you our best travel and adventurous experiences with the infant to our toddler child (KAREN). The motivation of travelling and exploring our beautiful planet keeps us encouraging. Our motive is to inspire other people like us who are families and afraid of travelling with kids. We believe travelling inspire kids and helps them to discover the world with their own first-hand experiences. It helps to understand this world better.  And the most important thing is- We EVOLVE this way.

We are sharing our first-hand experiences here including:

  • Travelling through various different parts of India.
  • Epic & adventurous road trips
  • Exploring various heritage sites.
  • Learning different cultures.
  • Visiting places of historical importance.
  • Exploring the unexplored regions. (Off-the-Beaten Track)
  • Doing various adventurous activities. (Trekking/Hiking/Paragliding etc.)

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