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Memoir from the Shaken City of Gujarat: Bhuj

As soon as we left the Great White Desert (Rann of Kutch), we were coming back with the wonderful experience of our lives. The majestic super full moon night and spectacular sunrise at white desert made our trip to Kutch district of India a remarkable milestone of our travel memories. While coming back to Ahmedabad we need to cross Bhuj, yet another historic place of the Kutch district. More than a million buildings were destroyed and damaged, including many historic buildings and tourist attractions. We were keen to visit some historic places in Bhuj for a close insight of after more than 15 years of the quake.

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Basant Mahotsav (Spring Festival) 2018: Sanskruti kunj Fair Gujarat, India

Basant Mahotsav (Spring Festival) 2018, Gujarat, India. Basant Mahotsav 2018, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India Basant Mahotsav also referred as “Spring Fest” as it celebrates the joyous spirit associated with the onset of spring. It is celebrated every year in the month of February with much enthusiasm. This unique annual cultural event has named ‘Sanskruti Kunj Fair’ […]

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Fateh Burj: Tallest Victory Tower of India

Fateh Burj: Tallest Victory Tower of India India at Mohali (Pb.)” src=”×1024.jpg” alt=”Fateh Burj: Tallest Victory Tower of India at Mohali (Pb.)” width=”640″ height=”853″ /> Fateh Burj: Tallest Victory Tower of India Fateh Burj is situated in village Chappar Chiri at Mohali district of Punjab close to Chandigarh. This 328 feet high Burj […]


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