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Triund Trek: Trekkers with an Unborn


Triund Trek: Trekkers with an Unborn


I still remember, when there were only two of us, just got a long weekend due to some national holiday in April 2014. We wanted to escape from the rapidly increasing heat of northern plains, so we picked Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh.

At that time we were completely unaware that I was carrying another soul inside me, a new life (our Karen).


Boarded a bus from Chandigarh to Dharamshala

As we planned, we boarded a late night bus for Dharamshala, H.P. We reached around five in the morning. From there we took another bus towards Mcleodganj, a suburb of Dharamshala in district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh, India. After an hour or so we reached Mcleodganj and searched for a hotel. After some rest; we were ready to explore this place.


First Day: Local Market and Place Survey 


Mcleod Ganj main market
Main Market, Mcleod Ganj

The place was beautiful… full of nature, peace, and greenery. There were many monasteries and local Tibetan market to visit. Mcleodganj also provides refuge for a large population of Tibetans monks and nuns. Apart from this, there was much more to explore. The first day, we just explored the local markets in the city.


The struggle of Tibetan people for Tibet

The tourists flock in there from different parts of the world as it is famous for its culture and crafts, antique items etc. The shopping experience is worth remembering, provided you know how to bargain and purchase the local items of the place such as Tibetan mats and carpets.

There was a Tibetan National Martyrs Memorial for people who sacrificed their lives for Tibet.


Second Day: Bhagsu Naag Temple & Waterfall

Next day, we started a small trek towards famous Bhagsu Naag temple and a natural waterfall. There were many local cafes on the way and was really a nice experience to explore this place.


Bhagsu Naag temple
Bhagsu Naag Temple, Mcleod Ganj
Bhagsu Naag path
Bhagsu Naag Waterfall, Mcleod Ganj


Third Day: Trekking to Great ‘Triund’

On the third day, we went for a real trekking experience of our lifetime. We made up our mind to trek the great “Triund”. Before going further, I would like to give a brief overview of this mountain…



Triund is situated in laps of Dhauladhar mountain ranges. Triund is a very popular trekking spot and attracts a lot of tourists every year from all over the world. Triund is a crown jewel of Dharamshala and offers a panoramic view which is quite exhilarating and inspiring.


triund trek
Triund Trek

Triund Trek

Grade: Easy to moderate.

Elevation: 9350 fts.

Distance: Approx. 10 km gradual trek from Mcleod Ganj.

We took a taxi up to Gallu Devi temple and had a wonderful breakfast in a small refreshment hut and also bought a few bottles of Gatorade. Then we started the amazing trek of Triund. It was an actual path for trekkers and we enjoyed it to the fullest, actually, it was the silence that most beautiful on that mountain. Soon we reached a breathtaking point from where the village was looked like tiny dots.


village view from triund trek
View of village from Triund Trek
midway of triund trek
Refreshment Break

The weather was cool and chilly breeze felt magnificent. The Triund path cut through a mixed forest of oak, deodar, and rhododendron. Birds were chirping giving musical delight. A full package of nature therapy. We tried to capture the beauty of nature and shot small video clips. Luckily, even in the month of April, there was still some snow patch on the path. I ran towards the snow and jumped on to it, made few snowballs and threw towards Adi. We found one dog that also seemed to have fun in the snow.


Snowy patch @Triund trek
Snowy Patch Along the Path
Dog on snowy patch @Triund trek
Snow Dog

After passing that snowy patch, a steep and narrow path was ahead of us.  Triund trek was easy for around five kilometres next few kilometers were moderate but last one-kilometer trek required a bit of toil. The last one kilometer was popularly known as “22 curves”.  We had to cross 22 tiring curves before we finally reached the top of Triund. It took around half an hour to cross that but as soon as we crossed it we reached the top of the mighty Triund.

The trek took around three hours. We conquered our first trekking together and unknowingly along with our unborn child “Karen”. So, she became unborn trekker with us.


view of Dhauladhar mountains
Dhauladhar from Triund top
view from Triund top @traxplorers
Triund Top

Ahhhh! View from the top was breathtaking. It was spectacular and truly majestic to saw Dhauladhar ranges in front of our eyes. It was truly exhilarating. Felt like heaven. Definitely, it was an amazing and awesome experience to just sit there and watch clouds coming towards us.


Camping site at Triund Top
Camping Site @Triund top
Shivlinga at Triund top
Shivlinga @Triund top

There was a Shivlinga, a moment of heavenly blessings at the Triund top. There was also a camping site. One can plan on camping there for a night. But as we did not plan on camping earlier, we had to come back.

While coming down, nature wanted to show us more beauty in its package… it started drizzling!!

Awesome….we loved it and tried to shoot some videos also.

You may like watching our video of Triund Trek below 👇👇

Soon we were feeling a bit cold and therefore increased our speed. There were few makeshift tea stalls on the trek as well as at the top of Triund, which provide maggie, tea, soft drinks, chips etc. They charged triple to the MRP but surely they have to because it is not easy to transport necessities up there. We had a tea and maggie, enjoying the nature at its best. The drizzling stopped after half an hour and we again started our down trek. It took around 2 hours to come down. We completed the whole Triund trek within 6 hours.


We at the top of Triund
Traxplorers @Triund top

It was a great achievement for both of us as it was our very first trekking experience which went so well with wonderful experience.


Tips for Trekkers:

    • You can do this trek with or without a guide.
    • A good trekking shoe is a must as the terrain is rocky.
    • One should be physically fit as the hike is steep at some places.
    • Pack some warm clothes as it gets very cold at nights if you are camping.
    • Carry basic first aid and Snickers.

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Don’t forget to carry a good camera on trekking:


Have you done this trek?  Share your experience with me. If not done it yet then go for it.  And don’t forget to share and Pin it.  🙂

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  1. Ajit singh

    Hi supriya

    I am planning to go for trecking at triund on Nov 1st week. Just wanted to know as how good it will to go in nov keeping in mind the weather.
    Also suggest other places other than triund

    1. Supriya Bhardwaj

      Hi Ajit
      November is fine for Triund trek. There will be bit cold up there so do carry pair of warm clothes. I have sent you details to your email about other places that you can explore and extract as much as possible from the mighty Himalayan trail.
      Good wishes your way!👍
      Traxplorers 🤘

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    Absolutely breathtaking scenery you guys were treated to at the top! I guess that’s the beauty of trekking – one gets to admire the epic views after working hard to ascend to the peak of a hill. Definitely reminds me of my trekking experience in Vang Vieng, which I loved (even though the rain during my ascent added to the nerves).

    1. Supriya Bhardwaj

      Yes, Nathan. It was indeed incredible experience we had. We also experienced little drizzling during our descent

  6. Jim Jones

    Wow, what an amazing and touching story! It must have been a real shock to learn that you were expecting.

    I’ve hiked glacial trails before, and I’m always amazed how there can be snow/ice on the ground, yet the air temp is warm enough that you don’t need a coat.

    This sounds like a really fun trip and a challenging hike. Thanks for your story.

    1. Supriya Bhardwaj

      Yeah, truly. It was really an amazing experience of our life with the best memories.

  7. Teja

    LOL maggie… it’s awesome that I can relate to that! Beautiful views.

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      Yes, it’s true. One can afford maggie only up there

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    I’m sure little Karen will love travelling once she grows up 🙂 The trek was a good effort – congrats to you guys. You are lucky to have such amazing places not very far from home!

    1. Supriya Bhardwaj

      Yes, definitely she would. I am glad. Thank you so much! 🙂

  10. Sam

    I definitely need to make it to India ASAP! I feel like a lot of people don’t visit the mountains when they travel to India, but that will definitely be a high priority for me!

    1. Supriya Bhardwaj

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    When Darcee & I return to India I hope to do more exploring of the North & East sides of the country. Mcleodganj,looks like a great place to weekend. To explore the tibetan people and their culture would be a new experience for us.
    As for the triund trek, that is right up my alley. I would love to see those amazing views of Mcleodganj from the top of the peaks and to take in all of that fresh air.

    1. Supriya Bhardwaj

      Yes Eric, Mcleod Ganj is a great place to refresh your mind. Ofcourse, Triund trek make this place top priority to visit Thanks! 🙂

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    The views for from the mountains are fantastic. I would be happy to make such a long way, just to be there.

    1. Supriya Bhardwaj

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    I’ve known for some time that India has some incredible geographic variability making it great for all sorts of activities, mountain hiking included. Awesome reportage!

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      Yes, India has lots of geographic diversity from mountains to beaches and sand dunes etc… Incredible India. Thanks! 🙂

  15. dorothy

    From your photos, Triund looks a bit challenging but the view from the top seems to make it worth the trek. Also, your unknown pregnancy made your trip extra special.

    1. Supriya Bhardwaj

      Yes Dorothy… it was worth reaching at the top. Thanks! 🙂

  16. Hannah Matrhews

    Wow the pictures are beautiful, i really like the Tibet memorials you visited. Nice to go trecking as it wont be as easy when you have a little one – many congratulations

    1. Supriya Bhardwaj

      Thanks a lot Hannah! 🙂

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    I enjoyed this. I like your writing style. I love to hike but no longer can do much elevation. It looks really beautiful though.

    1. Supriya Bhardwaj

      Thanks! 🙂

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    This is a beautiful place! I’d like to see Tibet one day, so thanks for sharing your story. Nice photos too!

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