Khimsar: An Oasis of Rajasthan
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Khimsar: Really An Oasis in Sand Dunes of Rajasthan!

Khimsar: Hidden Gem of Desert

Have you visited the popular places of Rajasthan like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Udaipur?  A wanderer inside you wants more to explore from Rajasthan? Looking for some offbeat beauty of desert? Khimsar is the place for you then. Khimsar is the hidden gem of the Thar desert and is truly a remote village with an absolute charm of oasis. Yeah! You read it right. It offers you the exclusive view of an oasis that feels like a mirage.

Khimsar: An oasis in sand dunes of Rajasthan. Hidden gem of Thar Desert #sanddunes #khimsar #Rajasthan #village Jodhpur to Khimsar Artificial Lake, Eco-friendly huts
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Jodhpur to Khimsar: 100 Km via NH62

Best time to visit: October to March

Jodhpur toKhimsar distance

Khimsar Attractions

Nagaur Fort

Khimsar is most famous for Nagaur fort which was constructed by the eighth son of Rao Jodha, Prince Rao Karamasji. It was built in 1953. Now, the fort has been converted into a heritage hotel.

Location: 42 km from the city center

Nagaur Fair

Khimsar is renowned for hosting a popular cattle fair known as the Nagaur festival. The festival falls between January- February every year.

Nagaur Cattle Fair
Nagaur Cattle fair

Khimsar Fort

This is a 16th-century fort situated in the Thar Desert in the heart of rural Rajasthan. The sand dunes around and countryside roads add up an astonishing charm to the fort. This fort is now a heritage hotel run by the royal family.

Khimsar Fort
Khimsar Fort

Sand Dunes Village

Khimsar Dunes village is a small area that is nestled around a lake. The village is surrounded by many sand dunes. It is just 6 km from Khimsar. The location is at outskirt and truly worth visiting. These dunes are the best spot to sit and relax. Sitting at the top of the dunes and admiring the beauty of the sun falling on sand is the best sight of nature to capture. It seems like the whole town is buried under golden sand.

There are many eco-friendly huts in the village that represents a true Rajasthani rural life. This area surely has a rural charm.

Khimsar Sand Dunes Village
khimsar Village

Traxplorers’ Experience

We were in Jodhpur (read in our previous post), had planned our return to our home city but the charm of Khimsar brought a twist to our return journey. We decided to visit Khimsar. After 2 hours of journey, we were in Khimsar searching sand dunes village. After some local cooperation, we found it in a secluded location out of the city area.

Khimsar sand dunes artificial lake
An Oasis!

Bollywood Movie Shoot

To our surprise, we found a huge village crowd at some barrier near the entry into the sand dunes. We got to know that a Bollywood movie shooting was taking place at that time. Nobody was allowed to go further into the dunes. We felt sad at the moment. We talked to the shooting crew and they assured us to go but after a few minutes as the scene was about to shoot.

Govinda with Action Scene

So, we enjoyed an action scene of Govinda with a jeep running on sand dunes. And in the climax scene, a jeep was to be blown off by a blast. We also captured the scene. This was the scene for his movie ‘Rangeela Raja’. You can enjoy the glimpse here 👇

How action/stunt scene was taken for the movie

Into the sand dunes

After the movie shoot, we were allowed to enter the sand dunes village. We found the place with rustic appearance totally captivated. It is a secluded, pretty sight of rural Rajasthan to behold. There is an artificial lake that appears from nowhere and feels like a mirage in the desert. The lake is surrounded by many eco-friendly designed huts with luxurious amenities. The whole sight was an absolute charm. We spent quality time there.

khimsar sand dunes village

We couldn’t stop ourselves to go on the top of sand dunes and soaking ourselves in the golden magic of the desert. It was truly magnificent. We surely didn’t regret our decision to visit Khimsar. Our impromptu journey was well paid off.

Khimsar Sand Dunes

Best Advice

If you happen to be in Jodhpur, never miss out on Khimsar from your itinerary.

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Khimsar: An oasis in sand dunes of Rajasthan. Hidden gem of Thar Desert #sanddunes #khimsar #Rajasthan #village Jodhpur to Khimsar Artificial Lake, Eco-friendly huts
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