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Fateh Burj: Tallest Victory Tower of India

Fateh Burj: Tallest Victory Tower of India at Mohali (Pb.) @traxplorers.com
Fateh Burj: Tallest Victory Tower of India

Fateh Burj is situated in village Chappar Chiri at Mohali district of Punjab close to Chandigarh. This 328 feet high Burj is India’s tallest victory tower,  even taller than the famous Qutub Minar of Delhi. It is a symbol of victory of Sikhs led by the great general Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. It was constructed to mark the 3rd centenary of the historical battle of Chappar Chiri. It is the memorial of Sikh wars against Mughals around the 17th century. It is spread over 20 acres of land.


This is the site of Battle of Sirhind that took place on May 12, 1710. It is situated at around 20 km from Sirhind. It was here in Chappar Chiri, forces led by Mughal Wazir khan were defeated by Sikhs led by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur.

Historical relevance in architecture:

Fateh Burj consists of three stories at height of 67 feet, 117 feet, and 220 feet that commemorates the victory of three battles which was fought at Chappar Chiri.

Fateh Burj-Tallest Victory Tower of India at Chappar Chiri, Mohali (Punjab)

  • The victory of Samana: Showcased by a storey at 67 feet
  • The victory of Sadhaura: Showcased by a storey at 117 feet
  • The victory of Sirhind: Showcased by a storey at 220 feet

Address: Sector 93, Sahibzada Ajit Singh (SAS) Nagar, Mohali (Punjab)

Visiting Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM

No entry fee

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  • Statues of Sikh War Heroes:

    The place is surrounded by Sikh war heroes and their history. There are six mounds (Tibbas) with the statue of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and his five generals-Bhai Fateh Singh, Bhai Aali Singh, Bhai Maali Singh, Bhai Baaj Singh, and Bhai Ram Singh.

    Statues of Sikh Generals on mounds around Fateh Burj, Mohali (Punjab)
    Statues of Sikh Generals on mounds around Fateh Burj, India 

    Small Lake at the base of Fateh Burj, Mohali
    Small Lake at the base of Fateh Burj 
  • Small Lake & Park:

    There is a small lake and well-maintained park around the tower.

  • Best place for history lovers, families, and students to add to their knowledge about the rich history of Sikhs.
  • Beautiful and well maintained park around Fateh Burj, Mohali
    Beautiful and well-maintained park around Fateh Burj
  • Note:

    Visit this place in the evening to enjoy sunset and effect of lights over the tower.

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  2. Beautiful place! I love the architecture…your photos capture it so wonderfully. This seems like a great side trip if you’re in the area…so much history here!

  3. This is such a beautiful, impressive structure that holds such significant meaning! It looks like a gorgeous site to visit, your photos certainly do it justice!

    1. Yes, Alexander. The culture of the region is entirely different from other parts of India. This part of India is rich in Punjabi culture influenced by Sikh religion. In fact, every region of India has its own unique culture. And that is the beauty of India. 🙂

  4. The Fateh Burj looks absolutely amazing with such magnificent architecture. Understanding the historical significance and importance of the monument definitely adds on to allow us to appreciate the attraction better.

  5. What an absolutely beautiful site to visit. I have never heard of victory towers, but enjoyed learning about the history of this tower. The grounds, lakes, and hero statures are impressive. This seems like a great memorial for the victory.

  6. Wow! It’s a shame I had no clue about this until today. Never knew we had our own Burj 🙂 also the place around it looks stunningly green too. Would love to drop in there when in Mohali.

  7. I read so many blog posts on India – everyone is so different and from a different part of the sub continent. I cannot imagine how long I have to stay there to see more than a tiny part of it.
    This tower would then be on my list, too – very impressive structure!

    1. Yes, Renata. It is true that India is so vast in its diversity of cultures, geographic locations and historical sites as well. One cannot explore the whole in one short visit. I hope during your visit to India, you will get more reasons to come back again. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  8. I love history and would love to visit when I go to Punjab. Thanks for sharing. It’s so important to share the stories from these otherwise lesser known places.

  9. A really excellent insight – I always find it helpful when articles include some rich historical context like you have, as it really gives some meaning to the place. I will look forward to visiting this some day!

  10. What a beautiful building in such stunning surroundings! Very interesting history too, eveb better its free to visit! Thanks for sharing 😊

  11. I love History and this looks like a great place to visit to learn about the area. I don’t know much about Indian history and I’m keen to learn more about it. Thanks for your post 🙂

  12. Wow never heard about this before! I always love it when i discover new historical facts, i find it so interesting! so thanks for sharing!

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